About Us

Carol & Detlef Davies

Detlef Davies is originally from Salisbury in central southern England. He trained as a solicitor and practiced for many years in the UK. Since childhood he has had a passion for birds and from the early 1970s became a keen active field birder, joining local societies, traveling far and wide in the UK and abroad and accumulating a wealth of ornithological knowledge. He has been birding in over 50 countries and keeps meticulous notes and lists. As well as birds he has a keen interest in mammals, reptiles, amphibians, butterflies and dragonflies and has become a prolific photographer. The interest in dragonflies is inherited from his late father, Prof. Allen Davies who compiled the first world list of dragonflies.

Carol Davies is originally from Dundee, Scotland, has 3 grown up children and two grand-daughters. One of her daughters lives in Sydney, Australia, the other is here in Kerikeri and her son, his wife and the grandchildren live in Dundee. Carol is trained as a biomedical scientist and holds BSc Honours and IT degrees. She shares Detlef’s interest in wildlife with an equal passion for all creatures great and small. In Scotland Carol was a volunteer for the Citizens Advice Bureau, specializing in financial assistance for the elderly and disabled.

Detlef and Carol met in Tahiti in 1999 while Detlef was returning from a 14 month career break traveling round the world and Carol was embarking on a Winston Churchill Traveling Fellowship to New Zealand and Australia.

From their home in Essex, Detlef and Carol emigrated to New Zealand in September 2003 looking for a complete change and a better lifestyle. Both now have great enthusiasm for running the operation from Birders Rest and for their regular wildlife trips to remote locations around the world.

Future Plans

We have been running the B&B and bird tours for 12 years and have recently considered moving on. This might still happen and if it does then we propose to select reliable local birders to take over the Kiwi tours, day tours and pelagic opportunities in the area with a view to continuing the availability for visitors to find the special New Zealand species occurring in the Far North. A move is not imminent and enquiries should continue to come to us. Updates will be advised on this site.

Ornithological Society of New Zealand ('Birds New Zealand')

Detlef was Regional Representative for the Far North Region of the OSNZ from 2004 until 2014 when he passed the job to another local birder, Les Feasey. For the time being Detlef is the Regional Recorder for the area and still produces the newsletter ‘Apteryx’. Visit the website of the OSNZ and read their the OSNZ Far North newsletters.