Birding North Peru – Next tours 2017 and 2018

In 2008 we were given a special opportunity to do voluntary work exploring parts of North Peru, advising on conservation, writing about birding opportunities in areas surrounding 2 newly opened lodges and making bird lists. We spent further time there in 2010.

By 2011 we had the idea to run birding tours to the region, having accumulated a wealth of knowledge of the areas of study. There are relatively few New Zealand-based bird tours to other countries and there was no difficulty finding people interested in coming. After a 2 week recce of some new sites and checking logistics, accommodation etc, two 3-week tours separated only by 2 days ran from May to July 2012. There were 5 participants on the first tour and 9 on the second. It is proposed to limit future tours to 8 but they will run with 5.

In 2013 we took a group of 6 New Zealanders on the same route. After this, we went on a 4 day recce of the coastal region in the north-west of the country. With this new information we would be able to include more variety on future tours.

We ran 2 tours in 2014 and one in 2015, all of which covered the whole route from Tarapoto to the coast, one starting at the coast and travelling east. This greatly increased the variety of birds and wildlife generally, and lists of bird species exceeded 500 on each trip.


Our tour in August - September 2016 incorporated a pre-tour to Plataforma and an extension to Chaparri Lodge which extended the total time to nearly 4 weeks. In this time the trip recorded 641 species and even without those heard only, left over 600.

2017 and 2018

From 2017 there will be a variation in both the coastbound route and the return route to cover newly explored sites. Dates, prices and information are in our brochure ‘Birders Rest Far and Wide’ and in ‘North Peru Itineraries’. Also see our map of the area we visit.

Our tours are not only about accumulating big bird lists. Although main focus is birds but there will be mammals, lizards, perhaps snakes, poison dart frogs, and a great variety of insects and spiders; also some fascinating plants; a few days will have opportunities for culture such as museums and the ruins at Kuelap. No prior knowledge of birds or other wildlife is needed, there will be ample chances for photography and with 2 of us guiding we can often accommodate slower pace preferences.

The itinerary for our scheduled tour to Peru in 2017 still has spaces available. If this tour fills and there is more demand, we may run a second tour immediately afterwards along a different route. Tailor-made tours can be arranged at any time.

Our ground agent, Lluis Dalmau is updating the website BirdingNorthPeru with much new information drafted by us and with many more of our photos. It should be online very soon.

See us on Birding North Peru Facebook.

School Exchange Visits

Lluis Dalmau is eager to extend the existing projects to having school children from New Zealand visit Peru and perhaps the converse too. His has a new two week activity program offered at a very reasonable rate. Schools interested in this should contact us for more information.

Cultural Tours

Our local English-speaking guide at Kuelap and at Leymebamba Museum, Ronald Wagter, is preparing his own cultural itinerary which can be tailor-made to link with birding. For details, watch this space!