Birding & wildlife tours

Kiwi Tours

Carol and I took birders from all over the world to see the North Island Brown Kiwi in a reliable site near Kerikeri from 2005. By 2018 we had shown the birds to more than 1000 people. A friend of ours, Cynthia, started helping with the tours over a year ago and has now taken over from us, achieving the success rate for sightings which we enjoyed. Please contact Cynthia directly if you are interested in Kiwi. I can probably help with New Zealand sites for other species and with New Zealand birding generally, particularly if you are visiting the Far North region. Please contact me for more information.

The move to Brisbane

After Carol died in March 2019, I left New Zealand and moved to Brisbane, Queensland. As I get familiar with my new surroundings, I will be pleased to help birding visitors to this area find the special species which are in far greater quantity here than in New Zealand.

Birding and wildlife tours abroad

I will be putting together some tours from 2020 onwards, some familiar destinations and some new places where I will be looking to get small groups together to bring the cost of travel to some exciting locations down to an affordable figure. See the Tours page for more information.

Where to Find Birds in Far North New Zealand

My little site guide to the Far North is still available. I have a stock with me here in Brisbane and some with friends in Kerikeri. They are also stocked in some outlets in the Bay of Islands area and some specialist booksellers in the UK. Please contact me if you would like a copy.