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Birders Rest travelling Far & Wide in 2020

Hi birding friends,

After more than year of trauma ending with the loss of Carol, I am planning to get back to birding and wildlife tours in 2020. The following 4 destinations are offered if sufficient interest is shown, details are as below:

1. Sangha Lodge, Central African Republic

3 to 10 May 2020

This is a new idea for the most adventurous of you, a location not (as far as I know) offered by the major tour companies. Full details are on the sheet attached. I have taken over the organising of this from Hugh Buck who sadly passed away in April. If what you read appeals to you, I have a list of the speciality birds and a full list of mammals of the area. This is just a one-location, 8-day trip so could link up with 1 or 2 other destinations, perhaps Kenya, as we will pass through Nairobi. Hugh had some interested people when dates were provisionally set both in 2017 and in 2018.

2. Sulawesi and Halmahera


Following the tours Carol and I have done in conjunction with Ecolodges Indonesia, this is a new part of Indonesia on the east side of Wallace’s line, with an impressive list of endemics. A new place for me too. An itinerary produced by Malia Tours is attached and we will use this company’s guides and experience. Dates and prices are not yet fixed but further information will be forwarded to those expressing interest, I have one or two already.

3. North Peru

22 August to 18 September 2020

These dates include an optional pre-tour and extension. A destination which is now well known to me after having taken 8 groups here. Itinerary and General Information are attached. I have one keen person eager to find some fellow travellers for this. The North Peru Birding Route, as it is called, has so many productive sites that I can make changes to the itinerary so as to include new places for anyone keen to come for a second time.

4. Madagascar

24 October to 18 November

After 6 former North Peru participants joined me last year on my first tour here (my 4th visit to the country), I propose to run it again in 2020. Attached is the itinerary and my General Information; let me know if you are interested and I will send last year’s daily log of birds, mammals & a variety of other wildlife which are always a prominent feature of a tour to this wonderful place. There is an optional extension to Masoala which now has a lovely new Lodge on the shores of the Bay of Antongil. Again, depending on who comes, I might make some changes to include new sites. I have interest from 2 and perhaps 4 people already.

Finding me

Before the end of this year, Birders Rest is moving to Australia. I will be selling up in New Zealand and moving to Brisbane and full details of my new location and contact details will be available in September. I will be in Europe between 13th August and 18th September.

I look forward to travelling with many of you next year.

Best wishes and good birding,

Birders Rest Far & Wide

Bird of Paradise illustration